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Today's travelers are not just about rest and fun. In this modern stressful world health is what we all strive for. Who says that fun and health cannot be combined? And the perfect places to do so are countries that boast magnificent intact nature that heals almost by itself.

1) Thermal Spa resorts:
Thermal Spa resorts can be found in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia. These feature a set of packages including various thermal and spa treatments to improve one's health of both body and soul. The resorts offer a wide variety of treatments for relaxation, beauty, anti-stress, rehabilitation and general well-being. All these treatments consist of using thermal and mineral spring waters that due to their curative powers improve emotional, physical and mental health.

2) Spa and wellness:
Spa & wellness programs include various treatments such as weight loss, anti-stress methods, beauty treatments and a variety of other methods that improve one's health. These offer an escape and a retreat where one's body and soul come together. Due to accessible prices and guaranteed quality of treatments, spa and wellness programs abroad can perfectly be combined with a relaxing vacation.

3) Aesthetic surgery:

Extensive references of high standard surgeries, complete confidentiality and highly professional multilingual staff surely guarantee the most competitive service during all stages: preparation - treatment - post procedure recuperation.

4) Cosmetic dentistry:
No matter where you live, the truth is that everyone wants a perfect smile. However, ever-increasing costs in dentistry have forced many to seek dental services abroad. The perfect solution lies right here in Dubrovnik.

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 - Zagreb, Croatia
 - Pula, Croatia
 - Zadar, Croatia
 - Split, Croatia
 - Dubrovnik, Croatia
 - Ljubljana, Slovenia
 - Trieste, Italy